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Tips to break the ice in your Zoom calls

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

As we gear up for AnCon and Semester 2 online, many of us will be joining and even leading our own Zoom meetings. It's no secret that video calling can be tiring and awkward at times, so here are some tips to making your Zooms as warm and inviting as possible.

Create a welcoming environment

There's nothing worse than joining a call where all participants' microphones and cameras are turned off. Here are some suggestions to foster a welcoming environment.

  • Play some background music as people join

  • Have an intro question or activity so people aren't joining a silent call

  • Share a screen with a slide explaining the intro question or activity

  • Always acknowledge newcomers with a friendly "hello!" out loud or in the chat

  • Avoid starting exclusive conversations between 2 people

  • For call hosts, you set the tone of the meeting!

Some ice breaker games

Playing a game or having an activity at the beginning of a Zoom meeting can be a great way to lighten the mood and make participants feels comfortable. Here are some of our picks.

  • Show and tell Eg." Show us something in your room that has a funny story"

  • Have a dress up theme

  • Speed friending via break out rooms

  • Would you rather via annotating slides

  • Explain the last picture on your camera roll

Playing games at the end can also be a great way to have fun with your group. See here for a more comprehensive list of online games.

Although there is uncertainty in how much longer we will be meeting online, let us still take every opportunity to encourage one other when we meet, whether that is over Zoom or in person.

Happy zooming!

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