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Tips for Editing and Using Slides Well

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

As we continue to meet together in our faculties, we can continue to use slide presentations during our faculty gatherings. A slides template may be included each week where it is encouraged that the slides can be customised and personalised to suit each faculty. Feel free to be creative and include additional content related to the main talk.

Hopefully this guide will provide inspiration into editing and using slides well during faculty gatherings.

General Tips

When editing slides for a faculty gathering:

  • Ensure the font size and colour is appropriate.

  • Be consistent with formatting for each slide.

  • Make sure the slides are easy to read and follow, and are in a suitable order.

  • Consider the time required for each slide.

  • Be creative e.g. include some images, transitions or animations.

  • Other presentation platforms can be used such as Canva.

General Layout of Slides

  • Welcome game

  • Discussion

  • Prayer

  • Bible Reading

  • Main video

  • Discussion Questions

  • Less Reached Less Resourced (LRLR) Spot

  • Announcements

Content Suggestions

  • Include the suitable content for the week.

  • Bible Reading – include the whole Bible passage for the talk

  • Main Video – download and insert the video for the talk

  • Discussion Questions – include the questions available

  • LRLR Spot – choose and pray for an LRLR group

  • Announcements – add relevant information about upcoming EU notices and events

  • Feel free to add additional content related to the talk, topic or your faculty!

Welcome Slide Ideas

  • Include the topic and week in the title.

  • See post on “Tips to break the ice in your Zoom calls” e.g. Have some music playing in the background with an intro question, game or activity

  • Introduce faculty leaders

Here is a PowerPoint presentation summary.

Tips and Ideas for Editing and Using Sli
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