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The King in the Temple (Mark 12:1-12) // Week 9

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Published for Week 9, Semester 2 2020.

Scripture: Mark 12:1-12

Speaker: Rowan Kemp

Series: Beyond Opinion: The Truth of Jesus


This week, we continue with the series Beyond Opinion: The Truth of Jesus.

Feel free to download and use this general slides template as a guide.

Beyond Opinion the truth of Jesus
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Pre-talk discussion:

Apart from your decision to follow Jesus or not, what is the biggest decision you’ve ever made? What consequences has it had for you?

Post-talk discussion:

  • ‘Our actions reveal our heart towards God.’ This was certainly true of the religious leaders who plotted to kill Jesus. If you identify as a Christian, share with the group one area of life where your actions reveal your positive response to God (eg. A moment of faith, or hope, or repentance). Give thanks to God for this work in your life.

  • ‘To be on the wrong side of Jesus is to be on the wrong side of eternity.’ What proportion of Sydney Uni students do you think would know this? What could be done about this? (let’s hear your creative ideas!). Who would you like to pray for in this regard?

Bible reading

Mark 12.1-12

12 Jesus then began to speak to them in parables: “A man planted a vineyard. He put a wall around it, dug a pit for the winepress and built a watchtower. Then he rented the vineyard to some farmers and moved to another place. At harvest time he sent a servant to the tenants to collect from them some of the fruit of the vineyard. 3 But they seized him, beat him and sent him away empty-handed. 4 Then he sent another servant to them; they struck this man on the head and treated him shamefully. 5 He sent still another, and that one they killed. He sent many others; some of them they beat, others they killed.

6 “He had one left to send, a son, whom he loved. He sent him last of all, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’

7 “But the tenants said to one another, ‘This is the heir. Come, let’s kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.’ 8 So they took him and killed him, and threw him out of the vineyard.

9 “What then will the owner of the vineyard do? He will come and kill those tenants and give the vineyard to others. 10 Haven’t you read this passage of Scripture:

“‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; 11 the Lord has done this,

and it is marvelous in our eyes’[a]?”

12 Then the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the elders looked for a way to arrest him because they knew he had spoken the parable against them. But they were afraid of the crowd; so they left him and went away.



Friendly tip: Feel free to use/modify this prayer or write your own if you feel compelled to do so. Feel free to also pray for your faculty or other prayer points you may have.

  • Thank God for the time spent together during faculty gatherings and the blessing it is to be able to have fellowship with one another.

  • Pray that we continue to seek God as we under go major exams and assignments. Remembering to come to Jesus for rest.

  • Pray that we can continue to grow in our faith and love for the Gospel.


The EU continues to encourage faculties to be thinking and praying for people around the world who are Less Reached and Less Resourced (LRLR).

Ask your faculty members if there are any missionaries or people groups that they have been praying for, and encourage them to share and lead the faculty in prayer at this time.

Alternatively, you can pray for the Burmese people in South Korea. Although South Korea is significantly reached (praise God!) there are still minority groups within South Korea who are unreached. Burmese people's main religion is Buddhism and there around 23,000 living in South Korea.

Prayer points

  • Thank and praise God for the large amount of Christians practicing their faith in South Korea, where many have been led to Jesus!

  • Prayer for minority populations within South Korea such as the Burmese people who are yet to be reached. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers to work among them.


We have 4 important announcements this week to share with your faculties.

  • Encourage people in your faculty to join the Imagine conference held on the 16th and 17th of December this year. Here is a bit of info that you might like to share with your faculty:

The EU will be conducting it's first LRLR conference called Imagine. Which looks at how we can be a part of God's kingdom here on earth as we think about the LRLR mission. We are combining elements of summer mission & Next Steps to create a one day in-person (YAY!) . Cost is $30. Here is a video talking more about it!

  • Help people in your faculty think about serving in 2021. Maybe share encouraging stories of serving this year or the different areas people can serve within the EU. Note that If people are interested in serving next year 2021 teams are recruiting now. If you are particularly interested in serving please let your faculty staff worker know.

  • Do you know someone who is planning to start uni next year? Now is a great time to give them a heads up about the EU and other AFES Christian groups! A great way to stay tuned for updates is to follow us on Facebook (FB name: Sydney University Evangelical Union).

  • We will also want to announce that we are running a MEME COMPETITION. EUers can submit original memes based on the theme of faculty gatherings or anything mentioned during Rowan's talk. They will be judged by special guest judges (to be announced) and the winning meme will get a free pizza (or equivalent value alternative food) delivered to their house!

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