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How to get people together online

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

So you want to gather people to learn from the Bible and talk about it together. Awesome! You've decided on a day and time, and you've got some great resources from EU Online. But how do you get people to your online gathering?

First, read our "how to" document. Then make sure you let us know when your gathering is so we can help you promote it! Then you might like to try the ideas below to help you get all the right people at your online gathering.

1. Create a Facebook Event

Creating a Facebook event makes it easy to invite your faculty members and see who is attending. It will also remind people who have clicked "Interested" or "Going" on the day!

Private or Public?

If you create an event just for your faculty group, it will probably end up being a private event on Facebook. That means if you want to invite other friends to come along, they will need to receive a Zoom link through some other means than the event page.

On the other hand, if you create a public event, just be aware that anyone on the internet can potentially come into your meeting! In that case, it would be a good idea to enable a "waiting room" on your Zoom meeting, and perhaps change the meeting link or password on a regular basis so that the wrong people don't crash the party.

2. Get a mix of people involved

It would be natural for the faculty committee to be involved "up the front" in things like Bible readings and prayers and meeting leading.

But one really powerful way to help people to own the meeting and to give them a reason to invite others is to have other members of the faculty, especially those with no formal leadership role, involved in some of these roles. So go ahead and ask a first or second year to read the Bible or to share some news. It will help the meeting to feel like a real community event.

The same goes for promotion. It's all well and good for the faculty leaders and committee to post about the event on Facebook, but it's even better if you can get non-committee members to post about it as well.

3. Use personal invitations

When trying to reach people who are undecided, there's nothing more effective than a personal invitation. Send a text, a Facebook message, or even pick up the phone and call your friends and faculty members and let them know that you'd love to see them at your faculty gathering.

Take the opportunity to check in on how they are going. Encourage them to keep investing in community and let them know that you're here to help. Perhaps even ask them to get involved! If you ask good questions, you might even get ideas for how to improve your gatherings to make them work for your people.

Happy gathering! Make sure you let us know when your meeting is so we can add it to our list too.

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