Join any of these public gatherings, or host your own. Check out the options below.

Monday 7pm

Pure Arts Gathering

Pure Arts are a fantastic bunch of people who study a Bachelor of Arts.

Monday 8pm

ArtsPlus Gathering

If you study a degree in arts and social sciences, but it isn't a Bachelor of Arts, then ArtsPlus is sure to be the gathering for you.

Monday 8pm

Law Gathering

If you want to hang out with law students and you're keen to hear about Jesus, this is the gathering for you.

Monday 8pm

Pure Science Thyme

The PureScience faculty is the perfect place for anyone studying a Bachelor of Science.

Monday 8pm

design gvng hvng

euDesign is a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, who love Jesus!

Tuesday 5pm

Engo Fac Time

Affectionately known as "Engo", this is a great group of people who are studying engineering.

Tuesday 8pm


ACES stands for Asian-Australian Christian Evangelical Students

Wednesday 5pm

Social Work Golden Hour

Join our community of students studying social work.

Thursday 08:30am

Nursing Thursday Morning Devotional

Start your day with a cuppa, prayer and time in God’s word at 8:30am on Thursday mornings. For nursing students investigating Christianity, those who already follow Jesus, or anyone who just wants to meet new people!

Thursday 1pm

CCG Hangs

Sure to be the most musical of gatherings the Conservatorium Christian Group (CCG) welcomes students from the Con.

Thursday 3pm

PrimaryEd Gathering

If you study Primary or Early Childhood Education, this is the gathering for you!

Thursday 7:30pm

Vet Gathering

Animal lovers unite at this gathering of the Veterinary faculty.

Thursday 7:45pm

EnB Gathering

EnB is the (Epic and Brilliant) Economics and Business faculty of the Evangelical Union.

Thursday 8:23pm

Pharmily Gathering

Come join the Pharmacy Faculty and learn about Jesus with us!

Thursday 8pm

SecEd Gathering

SecEd is the place to be if you loved High School so much that you're studying a secondary education degree!

Thursday 8pm

AppSci Gathering

The Applied Science faculty hosts all the science students who aren't doing a 'Bachelor of Science' - so come along MedSci, Agriculture, and anyone else!


SCA Gathering

Come along to this meeting with the most creative people at USyd - students from Sydney College of the Arts.


MTeach Gathering

The Masters of Teaching faculty is meeting on Mondays.



If these times don't suit you, or if you have a specific group of people you want to gather with, you can access all of our talks, prayers, and other resources for free and run your own!

Register your gathering to receive extra support from the Public Meetings team and to have your gathering included on this page.


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